The Standard Buttons are displayed across the top of the application window, below the menu bar. They provide quick mouse access to many tools used in Image Optimizer,

To show or hide the Standard Buttons, click View->Toolbars->Standard Buttons.

Image Optimizer standardbuttons Standard Buttons

Click To:

Open Open an existing image. Image Optimizer displays the Open dialog box , in which you can locate and open the file you wish to optimize.
Scan Scan in an image directly from a TWAIN compatible scanner or other device e.g. a digital camera.
Save As Save the optimized image
E-Mail Send optimized image by E-mail
Batch Activate Batch Wizard to optimize multiple files.
Undo Undo the last action. Note: You cannot undo some actions.
Redo Redo the previously undone action. Note: You cannot always redo.
Copy Copy the optimized image to the clipboard.
Paste Insert clipboard contents as a new image.
Zoom 1:1 View the image normally, with no zoom.
Tools Show or hide the Tools Palette
Control Show or hide the current Control Palette
Brush Show or hide the Brush Settings Palette
Help Look at help file. Visit on the World Wide Web
About Displays Image Optimizer information, version number and copyright.


Standard Buttons