As an optional step you can embed Digimarc invisible watermarks. If you are unfamiliar with the concepts of Digimarc watermarking please read the Introduction to Digimarc Watermarking. Sign up for Digimarc invisible watermarks.

To Digimarc Watermark an image press the Watermark button Image Optimizer watermark Watermarking an image. This will display the Digimarc Watermarking control palette. Note that the image will be checked to see if it already contains a watermark which may take a little while. If the image already contains a watermark the Digimarc Watermarking control palette displays the watermarking information and you will not be able to watermark the image.

Use the Creator drop down list box to select a creator. If you haven’t yet entered your creator ID press the Image Optimizer dotdot Watermarking an image button to enter it. To get a Creator ID from Digimarc Corporation click here. Note that you need to have registered Image Optimizer to use your own Creator ID.

Set the Durability slider to give the watermark robustness you require (click here for more details). The larger the setting the more robust the watermark. Click the Image Optimizer dotdot Watermarking an image button if you want to change the watermark DPI setting from 100DPI that is recommended for web images. For example for images for print you could use 300DPI.

Use the Type drop down list to specify the type of watermark you want to embed:

Copyright Year: Select to specify the year in which the image was copyrighted. In the years field, enter a single year or two years.

Image ID: Select to assign a unique number to the image for identification purposes. In the Image ID field, enter a number from 1 to 16,777,215. If you don’t want an image ID you can use 0.

Transaction ID: Select to assign a unique number to the image, in order to identify the transaction in which the right to use the image was granted. In the Transaction ID field, enter a number from 1 to 16,777,215.

Use the image attribute selections to specify the types of protections or warnings you want to communicate to viewers of your Digimarc-enhanced images.

Restricted Use: Select to indicate that the image is available for restricted use only.

Do Not Copy: Select to indicate that the image should not be copied.

Adult Content: Select to indicate that the image includes adult content.

Click the On/Off button to Image Optimizer on Watermarking an image to embed the watermark. The image title bar will display the Watermark strength. The next step is to compress the image. Note that you may need use a high value of durability if the Watermark is to survive JPEG compression and MagiCompression.

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