Supported transformations are: resize and rotate. You can also interactively sharpen. If you are using Image Optimizer Professional there is a more sophisticated Un-Sharp mask tool.

If you want to transform the image you should do this before optimizing. If you do compress before transforming you should go back to the compress mode to check the compression settings are satisfactory before saving the image.

To transform an image press the Transform image button Image Optimizer transform Transforming an image.

The current Control Palette changes to the Transform Image Control Palette.


Use the mouse to drag one of the boxes at the inside corners of the image to resize it interactively. When you release the mouse button a high quality resize will be carried out.

If you leave ‘Maintain Aspect Ratio’ checked you will be constrained to keep the aspect ratio of the image unaltered.

You can also resize by:

  • Dragging the Width or Height sliders
  • Typing in your required width and height dimensions
  • Clicking one of the preset button e.g. x2 or /2 for twice size or half size respectively.

The width and height dimensions are displayed in pixels.


If you are resizing an image it is often useful to sharpen afterwards as the resizing tends to leave the image slightly blurred. This is especially true with thumbnails. Set the required sharpening with the slider and/or associated controls. See also Un-Sharp mask tool Image Optimizer p Transforming an image.


To rotate the image in 90o increments click on one of the rotate buttons at the right of the Transform Image Control palette. To rotate by any amount type in the angle in the box.
Auto-Rotate: To auto rotate, click drag the mouse along a horizontal or vertical line on the image and Image Optimizer will automatically rotate the line to be exactly horizontal or vertical.

Compressing an image

Transforming an image