Use step to to select batch operations. In addition to the tabbed settings the following general options are available:

Load Settings and Save Settings buttons

Use these buttons to save your settings for use at a later time.

General Settings

Don’t Pause on Error If you select this Image Optimizer will skip images that have errors. If you don’t select it image Optimizer will show an error box and halt until you press a button.
Never Overwrite files Check this to avoid the chance of Image Optimizer overwriting images. If you overwrite an image with an optimized one you may loose image data for ever. Always have backups of original mages. 

Output Directory

Same as input file  Image Optimizer p Step 2: General The professional edition allows you to check this option and have your images optimized and put back where they came from. Not you can overwrite your images using this option. This is option is most useful when compressing a whole folder at a time.
Append to file name You can add to the filenames so that they have differnt names with this option. For example if you are making thumbnails you could specify this as _T so that MyPic.jpg will be saved as MyPic_T.jpg
Output Directory Click ‘Browse’ to select the directory that the Optimized images will be saved to. The images will have the same filename as the source images.
CAUTION: If you specify the output directory to be the same as the input directory you may overwrite your images with optimized versions. You are advised to have back up copies of all your image files.

Step 3: Optimizing

Step 2: General