An effective way of reducing the byte size and download time of an image is to make it smaller. Image Optimizer provides two methods, crop and resize.

If you want to crop the image you should do this before optimizing. If you do compress before cropping you should go back to the compress mode to check the compression settings are satisfactory.

To crop an image press the Crop image button Image Optimizer cropbutton Cropping an Image.

The current Control Palette changes to the Crop Image Control Palette.

Use the mouse to drag across the image the sub-section of the image you want to crop. This will be displayed as a rectangle on the image. To crop the Image press the ‘Crop Image’ button.

Before cropping the image you can change the crop by:

  • Dragging the rectangle around
  • Resizing the rectangle by dragging points around the edge of the rectangle
  • Typing in the width and height of the crop rectangle
  • Typing in the width and height offset (X and Y) the crop rectangle

The Aspect box displays the aspect ratio of the crop rectangle. If you want to force a certain aspect ratio type it into the “Aspect” box and check the “Maintain Aspect Ratio” check box.

The ‘Clear Crop’ button removes the crop rectangle so you can start again.

Note: If you want to crop out more than one part of an image press the copy button followed by the paste button to make a duplicate copy of the image before cropping.

Transforming an image

Cropping an Image