After opening and optionally cropping and transforming an image you can compress the image using Image Optimizer’s powerful Compress image tool.

If the Compress image dialog is not visible make sure the Compress image button Image Optimizer compress Compressing an image and the Control palette button Image Optimizer control Compressing an imageare depressed.

There are 5 main steps in compressing an image:

  1. Select image type between JPEG, GIF and PNG
  2. Reduce the quality (for a JPEG) or number of colors (for a GIF/PNG) to give the best trade-off between image quality and byte size and download time that you require
  3. For a GIF/PNG add dithering if required
    For a JPEG add MagiCompression to further compress the image
  4. Optionally manually add some regional compression
  5. Optionally switch to regions mode (Image Optimizer region Compressing an image) to further fine tune the image compression

Step 1: Select between JPEG, GIF and PNG

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