Use this command to change settings that affect the program’s operation.

Compute download speed for. Use this setting to control how Image optimizer estimates the image download time that is displayed in the status bar. You can display a table of times for common speeds with the Image Information window by clicking View -> Image Information or Shift-I.

GIF/PNG Color reduction. Use this command set how accurately Image Optimizer generates and matches colors in the palette. If you have a very fast machine you can set it to higher quality. Note if you have a slow machine you can achieve the same results by pressing the Image Optimizer hiq Preferences button just before saving.

Remove input file comment by default. If you are reading an image that has an embedded comment then selecting this check box instructs Image Optimizer to not reproduce this comment in the output file. If you change your mind for a particular image you can re-select the comment using the Compress Image Control Palette.

Read Quality from Input JPEG. If you are reading in a JPEG image you can ask Image Optimizer to estimate the quality and preset the image quality slider. Select the “Read Quality from Input JPEG” option for this.
You might use this to:

  • MagiCompress images that are already compressed
  • Convert JPEGs to grayscale
  • Convert JPEGs to progressive
  • Make the slider default to the input compression

JPEG Markers. JPEG images can contain extra information such as thumbnails and camera settings that are not necessary for web pages. These are stored in the APP1 thru APP15 markers, a good example is EXIF data which is stored in APP1 and is used by many digital cameras to store camera settings and a thumbnail. By default Image Optimizer removes this data. If you would like to keep this data in the image check this box. Note that the image size will be increased.

If you load your optimized pictures back into a digital camera you may still find the camera is unable to display them. If this is the case you could try using xatshow instead of Image Optimizer.