The Transform Image Control Palette is a floating dialog that can be positioned anywhere on the screen. It provides the controls to resize, rotate and sharpen the active image.

This dialog is visible when you are in Transform Image mode (i.e. the Transform Image button Image Optimizer transform Transform Image Control Palette is down).

To show or hide the Transform Image Control Palette, click View->Toolbars->Control Palette or press the Image Optimizer control Transform Image Control Palette button.

Image Optimizer transpalette Transform Image Control Palette

Resize and Sharpen

The Width and Height sliders may be used to vary the image size. Full left halves the image, full right doubles the image.

The Images width and height (in pixels) can be typed into the boxes.

The Sharpen slider is used to vary the image sharpness. Full left is no sharpness (no change), full right is maximum sharpness.

The ‘Maintain Aspect Ratio’ check box constrains the width and height so that the aspect ratio of the image is preserved.

Click one of the 6 preset resize buttons to double or halve the size of an image.


Click one of the four rotation buttons to rotate the Image by 0, 90, 180 and 270 degrees.

To rotate by any amount type in the angle in the box.
Auto-Rotate: To auto rotate, click drag the mouse along a horizontal or vertical line on the image and Image Optimizer will automatically rotate the line to be exactly horizontal or vertical.

See Transforming an Image for more information on transforming an image.

Transform Image Control Palette