The Tool Palette is a floating dialog that can be positioned anywhere on the screen or docked to the sides of the main window.

The tool palette is used to select between mode of operation i.e. Zoom, Crop, Transform and Compress.

After the mode is selected then further tools may be available e.g. shape and region tools.

To show or hide the Tool Palette, click View->Toolbars->Tool Palette or press the Tool Palette button Image Optimizer tools Tool Palette.

Image Optimizer toolpalette Tool Palette

Image Optimizer zoom Tool Palette Zoom When the Zoom Tool is selected move the mouse over the window you wish to Zoom In or Out off. Press the Left mouse button to Zoom In or the Right Mouse button to Zoom Out. The window will resize and the image will center at the point that the mouse was clicked.
Image Optimizer crop Tool Palette Crop Switch to crop mode.
Image Optimizer transform Tool Palette Transform Switch to transform mode.Use this mode for re-sizing, rotating and flipping the image.
Image Optimizer brush Tool Palette Brush The Brush tool allows you to paint optimization on the window. You can alter the setting for the Brush using the Brush Style Palette
Image Optimizer line Tool Palette Line The Line tool draws a line in the currently selected Brush Size and Style
Image Optimizer rectangle Tool Palette Rectangle The rectangle tool lets you select a rectangle
Image Optimizer freehand Tool Palette Freehand The freehand tool lets you select an any shaped region
Image Optimizer lockregion Tool Palette Lock Region If you press the “Lock Region” button on the tool bar the last region selected will be outlined. You can then use the sliders to vary the intensity of the action just on that selected region. E.g. you could select a house in the image and then adjust the MagiCompression and Smoothing for it. When you wish to cancel the mode click the button again to deselect it.
Image Optimizer selectwholeimage Tool Palette Select Whole Image The “Select Whole Image” button selects the whole image as the region and locks it.
Image Optimizer invertregion Tool Palette Invert Region The “Invert Region” button inverts the currently selected region.


Tool Palette