The Crop Image Control Palette is a floating dialog that can be positioned anywhere on the screen. It provides the controls to crop the active image.

This dialog is visible when you are in Crop Image mode (i.e. the Crop Image button Image Optimizer crop Crop Image Control Palette is down).

To show or hide the Crop Image Control Palette, click View->Toolbars->Control Palette or press the Image Optimizer control Crop Image Control Palette button.

Image Optimizer croppalette Crop Image Control Palette

The ‘Crop Image’ button performs the crop

The ‘Clear Crop’ button clears the crop rectangle

The X and Y boxes set the width and height offset of the top left corner of the crop rectangle.

The Width and Height boxes show the current width and height of the crop rectangle.

The Aspect box shows the aspect ratio of the crop rectangle.

The Maintain Aspect Ratio check box is used to force the aspect ratio to be fixed. e.g. for a 4:3 image type in 1.3333

See Cropping an Image for more information on cropping an image.



Crop Image Control Palette