xat.com is committed to keeping Image Optimizer at the leading edge of Web site acceleration. Image Optimizer already contains the following advanced features and more are planned for future versions:

Regional/Extra Compression – advanced JPEG compression that adds the ability to compress some (less important) regions of the image more than others.

MagiCompressionTM – Image processing algorithms to automatically select the areas of an Image that can have regional/extra compression applied. MagiCompression speeds up the task of optimizing images and can be used in fully automated batch modes.

Anti-Speckling – Many GIF compression algorithms add dithering to regions of solid color. Image Optimizer has proprietary algorithms to minimize or eliminate this effect.

Standard GIF compression Image Optimizer
Image Optimizer balloons Image Optimizer Technology Image Optimizer balloonsio Image Optimizer Technology

Eliminating the speckling also gives a significantly smaller file size.

Noise reduction – Image Optimizer Professional has a state of the art tool for the removal of single pixel spots and noise from an image.


Image Optimizer is protected by the following patents: 5,636,292  5,710,834   5,721,788  5,745,604  5,748,763  5,768,426  5,809,160   5,832,119  5,841,886  5,841,978  5,850,481  5,930,377

Image Optimizer Technology